Is it acceptable to judge your genes based on the women in your family even though they all had eating disorders?

It makes sense to judge your own genes and body composition based on the women in your family. I mean, where you would store fat and stuff like that.
But I don't know if this would be accurate for me seeing as all the women in my family have had eating disorders.
My mother was bulimic and anorexic for most of her life.
My older sister was also bulimic and was a total 'raver' in her younger years. I'm talking 16 ecstasy pills on her 16th birthday. Yeah, she almost died and spent weeks in hospital...
Tge test of them have some sort of eating issues, too.
Yet my aunties have totally different body shapes to my mother. They all have huge breasts and big, Greek thighs. I don't, mind you. But when I gai. Weight it tends to go to my thighs first. My mother always had pencil thin thighs.
When I was a teen, I struggled a bit with laxative abuse and binge eating. Thankfully, I'm a total gym junkie now and am more concerned with my strength than what I look like.
But is it a good idea to use my family as a template as to what my body should or will look like?


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  • I'm not sure. I'd say you could argue that your family has a proclivity towards eating disorders, but I'd say it's more a side effect of a more serious psychological issue. Still, it's usually a good way to gauge your physical makeup since most families look similar in most cases.

    For instance, a lot of the men on my mother's side are more stocky and barrel chested. Whereas my the men on my father's side are a lot more hairy. So it's no surprised I'm a barrel chested sasquatch.

    Still, genetics aren't so clear cut in most cases. There are tons of genes lurking that can become prevalent.


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  • Interesting you propose that you might be predisposed to an eating disorder based on genetics. On that count I'd say it's a very real possibility based on other known mental disorders being predisposed in some cases like depression. Your other theory is highly likely since we take after family

  • I personally think that eating disorders are a choice apart from being a behavioral problem, but there is supposedly a genetic predisposition for it. You'd have to see their natural weight to tell, but it's hard to do that if they don't eat enough to be natural but underweight.

  • honestly in a way yes, your parents gave you the genes so there is nothing weird about looking like them if you let yourself go and dont care about what you eat or work out you will eventually become like your parents, but of course that doesn't always happen if you take care of your body and work out.


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