Girls, could you rank me from 1-10, and possibly give advice on what I could do to raise my score?

Girls, could you rank me from 1-10, and possibly give advice on what I could do to raise my score?

Yes, I realize I suck at selfies. Please don't judge on that.


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  • I think you have the potential to be very attractive but right now, I'd say around a 5.

    - Shave the beard. If you can't grow a proper full beard, facial hair looks silly mostly
    - Def better without glasses
    - lose the gold chain
    - hit the gym
    - consider buying better clothes and put in some effort in that

    Connor McGregor for example isn't that attractive normally but he really raises himself up by being fit, well groomed and dressed

    • Honestly, I don't understand why you think he's attractive at all. But then again, you seem to have the consensus, and obviously I asked because I have no clue what I'm doing. Could I ask what sort of personality would fit best with this appearance? I'm not asking in an attempt to be fake, but rather because I'm trying hard to impress a certain girl at work right now, and just being "the nice guy people step on" has yet to show any results.

    • You don't see why Connor McGregor is attractive at all? Are you kidding, he's hot.

      I'm not sure what you mean with the personality thing? Whose personality? Ans what kind of appearance?

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  • i'm not going to rate you, because i honestly hate that, but i agree with nalaa. also whitening your teeth would be great too :) crest white strips are the bomb. i need to whiten mine actually, been drinking a lot of tea lately, lol. also i think you would look good in a more fitted shirt, maybe plaid? and get a sharp haircut, i wish i could describe something more specific. maybe you could ask for something similar to ryan reynolds' style. it's clean, but hip also.

  • Grow out your hair and style it back like Chico lachowski (google him), get rid of the stache goatie thing going on. If you want facial hair try to keep it even on the whole face doesn't matter if it's a stubble all over the face or a beard just keep it even. Working out and a better clothing style are also additional factors that can raise your score higher. Right now you're a 5 but seeing you in a diff style I described above (without working out) can raise your score to a good 7 even 8. With working out it could be higher.

  • I think you look good. 6/7
    Wear a nice shirt, or fix your hair up a bit and you could be a 7 or an eight
    I don't know u look cute as you are now

  • Honestly I would say a 4. Get a haircut, wear eye contacts, shave the mustache and hit the gym. Maybe you can be boosted up to a 6-7 😊


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