Is my body type considered desirable?

Okay let me start this by stating that this is a completely honest analysis of myself.

I've played sports my whole life, so I have a very healthy and toned body. I'm not overly large, but I do have quite a bit of muscle. (Not in a weird Hulk-type way, just heathy). I have a c cup and although I do not see it myself, I have been told by many that I have a large butt. Another thing is that I'm tanned because of how much time I spend outside.

I have an oval face and round brown eyes. My facial porportions are pretty good, but this is more extra detail so that doesn't matter.


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  • I mean, you didn't pot a picture so it'd be hard to tell, but I'll just go with your description:

    Guys LOVE fit girls, unless they specifically have an attraction to the "quiet bookish" type. Muscle is healthy, whether male or female, and healthy=attractive!

    I personally don't care about bust size, if it worries you that someone may turn you down because of your breasts, don't. At the same time don't go with someone who only finds you attractive for that.

    Being tanned is always good, It's attractive because again, healthiness and fitness, and also because being tanned has always been a symbol of being well-traveled, especially in european dominant cultures. So, great!

    butts, just try not to have a butt that's too big or taylor swift flat. shoot for the middle.

    I don't understand why the face doesn't matter to you, because a NORMAL guy notices the face first. I dont know about oval face, but brown eyes are warm and cute, in a way that green eyes seem energetic and blue seem happy, to me. Your eyes are fine, but if you feel insecure about them i guess you could use colored contacts.

    • When I said the face doesn't matter, what I really meant was that it wasn't specifically what my question was about. Not that I don't think the face is important, because I do.

  • no pic? lol


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