I don't understand, why do people say people with down syndrome are beautiful?

I'm I not wired correctly or something, there's being respectful and bringing it up and then there's just plain lying. In my opionion lying is worse than saying nothing, because you're raising their hopes which might prove problematic and even result in some awkward situations later on. But I see posts all the time along the lines of "look at this girl with down syndrome, isn't she pretty", and I sit there thinking "no she's not why would you lie about that it's cruel" because you're getting their hopes up, which I believe is wrong in any situation, but more so in this case because with their condition they may not catch on straight away that your just being respectful and they might think that you're being sincer. I view it in the same light as people who pretend to be your friend and lie to you just because they want something.


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  • It feeds their own ego. I follow a page for Chase No Face, the cat with his face ripped off, more out of intrigue than anything else. All that is filled with is comments saying how beautiful and cute he is. They don't think he's cute, they just get off on feeling like they're kind.


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