Girls, Girls which one of us would you say is more attractive?

I recently got gag basically just to ask a few questions like this of what people thought of me, I could care less about the media otherwise on this place.

anyway my friend recommended me this and he always acts like I'm some stud with girls compared to him, anyway this is me: GUY A

Girls, Girls which one of us would you say is more attractive?
In the speed trainer logo shirt

and here

I'm 5'7 and about 220. I think I'm a little too pudgy

now here's my friend, you can thank him for me being on this site; GUY B

He's a skinny dude, and his deal is he's more self conscious on hair as he lost his to some medical deal awhile back. He's 5,9 I want to say and like 138lbs.

so he's self conscious on hair and I'm self conscious on weight, I don't think his bald head will hurt him with girls and he claims I muscular enough girls would prefer that.

  • Guy A (bigger guy) is more attractive
    Vote A
  • Guy B (bald guy) is more attractive
    Vote B
  • equally attractive
    Vote C
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feel free to share reasons about which is more attractive to you or why
Please keep it between the two requested guys and not others in the first picture.


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  • Yeah, I've seen Guy B before and answered some of his questions. I understand his situation, and I still think he is cute. They're both cute.

    • Yeah Beave's the one who introduced me to this site, it's a decent place but not as functional as I thought it'd be haha. I'll have to send him a link. Thanks by the way.

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    • I mean would you consider us physically attractive though? Look you're views are yours but we do base off looks initially and just kinda want to know where we stand on looks alone

    • Yeah, you're both cute, like I said initially.

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  • I'd made my vote until I saw the heights. I'll take the guy raising his eyebrow as he is the only one that's taller than me.

    • Okay he's not an option, out of the two which did you vote?

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    • Haha, well, yeah, but I'll take muscle over skinny at any height.

      Yeah, if he's bald but meets every other requirement except hair [assuming his hair is dark when he has/had it], I'd make an exception.

    • Well it was light brown however he is a runner so it's not like he's not in shape. Haha and people call him shallow for needing a slender girl with a beautiful face :p

  • Honestly the hottest is the guy in the middle (first pic) but that's just me

    • Well he's not part of this sorry, haha I just don't got many pics of myself, so of the two I asked about which do you think?

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    • Hey we hot high standards and the only way to get those girls is to be drool worthy

    • Hot high? Haha I can type *got high standards

  • Option A.
    I prefer bigger guys over skinny ones.

    • That's cool, gotta give Beave credit though he is lean, he is a big time runner so it's not like he's outta shape!

      Did you vote? My phones havin issues with these damn votes

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    • Haha I won't share my weight but there's a lot of squish, I'm even slightly over the weight to skydive as my friend wants me to do that sometime, he's a partial instructor.

    • Squish is good.

  • I normally prefer slim guys but the muscular guy does look much hotter 😁

    • How so? Is it B's bald head?

    • Don't mind the lack of hair. One of my exes was bald (since the age of 18 lol) so it's not the reason. I normally go for slim + tall guys (he's not tall enough), or short but muscular, never the middle, don't know why, just my preference i guess.

  • the guy raising his eyebrow on the top pic caught my attention

    • You know he's not the one I asked about right? Haha of the two I asked for which do you think?

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