Young girls under 27 or so, would you say you view a young guy being bald (shaved bald from hair loss) as how most guys view fat unattractive wise?

I don't mean this to be cruel, I shave my head from something called TE which made me lose most of my scalp hair at 17-18, anyway I pull it off decently and I've always tried to stay in shape etc so I'm slender and take care of myself, but recently I heard girls say that most young girls view bald equal to how most guys view girls with pudge, now I'm kinda concerned I don't mean to be rude, but I personally am not into girls with even a bit of pudge and to be honest, neither is any guy I know but ones and he himself is rather homely.

So to clarify at least from my social groups fat is seen as generally unattractive by a vast majority, not just against preference but easily deal breaker. I don't say that to be mean but out of honesty.

So what I took from the girl who said bald is viewed like fat was that the VAST majority of young girls would never date a bald guy-don't bode well given my high standards I'd never lower, see I understand it being against preference but girls would you say it's deal breaker? Would you say most young girls do view a guy with no hair like myself as generally unattractive for dating?

im sure I'll get some hate for this but realize I do a lot to take care of myself and appear attractive, but there is no cure for hairloss of this type and I do not accept being categorized with something that's considered majorly unattractive like pudgyness when that stems more from actual lack of action.

again no offense to anyone I just want to know

do most young girls view a young guy who has to shave his head bald as unattractive as how most guys view overweight or fat girls?

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  • I don't think most young girls view bald as a deal breaker or that unattractive like some view weight
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  • I do think that the majority of young girls view no hair as a deal breaker, similar to how many guys view fedora weight on girls
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You have to realize that just because a guy is bald does not mean he should expect less looks wise either. My standards are still rock solid.


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  • First of all; why do you care so much? Stop obsessing over your baldness. To me and most girls i'd say a bald head is very unattractive but cares. Just be you. You'll find a girl that will love you for you one day.

    • Because you know I actually want a girl who's very physically attractive like most guy and I don't think I should have to settle because I'm bald? A girl is not enough, I need the kind who's very slender and attractive and I'd spend my whole life alone rather than accept average looking girl or settle.

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    • No it is not a turn off or a deal breaker especially if you can't control your hair growth

    • Hey thanks. Sorry if I came off as a bit of an ass, but it looks like you're relatively new here, I wish you a better time here than I've had but you likely to see a few on here who'll make you realize why some are a bit cautious of others here.

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  • I don't think u can compare being bald to being fat, u compare a gay girl to a fat guy. Cuz both genders can be overweight. Hair loss is somthing completely different. I think it 1 depends on the age of the girl and it depends what u look like bald, some people ull it off really well to a point where it doesn't matter but others don't. Plus u keep in shape so i would need to see u to tell. I think 18- early 20s might not like bald but mid 20s would b fine. Obviously that's just me guessing cuz everyone has different preferences. U also limit urself to only girls that have no fat, I am one of those girls plus I work out so I'm tone so they r out there, but there arnt a ton of those girls compared to the rest of the female population, so maybe open ur horizons a little. Not saying someone overweight but maybe someone who does have a little weight on them. With u working out u could always, nicely without offending them, ask them to join u in working out

    • No. I need a girl who's physically attractive and to me even a tiny bit of weight is a deal breaker.

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    • I mean I'm 18 so for me I think at this age I would prefer someone with hair but maybe later down the road I would b more open to it. Bald seems to give the allusion of older

    • How much further? You're talking like 30's? So since I'm only 20 you're basically saying I'll have to wait 5+ years to date? I want to be married by 25 to a girl younger than me so I wouldn't accept that.

      Also here's a pic, you think I look old?

  • I wouldn't care if he was bald. BUT I would care that he was a judgmental asshole so...

    • Where was I am ass? I stated my opinion on my standards and what many guys think, I didn't say it negatively just asked and stated an opinion.

    • Did you vote?

  • Then go for boys. They have less fat tissue than girls...

    • ? What are you talking about? I simply stated what I find attractive I didn't say it in a negative way.

    • A guy can't have standards on weight? If I run and eat decently I feel I should have a say in what I find attractive.

  • well... if the guy is too skinny it's an automatic turn off to me i like muscular men so...

    • by the way the guy i love is bald too... and so is most of the guys i crush on but they're all muscular

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    • So wait which did you vote haha

  • When a guy had a receding hairline and doesn't shave his head fully, I don't find that attractive. Its nice to see men with enough courage and confidence to take it all off. In your case, i don't think its unattractive. I dated a man who was mid 20s and bald. I still found him very attractive.

  • I view you spamming this question as a deal breaker...

    • No I'm not the alopecia guy, I've been asked if I was him before I have TE it's a different deal losing follicles. I just wondered how it's viewed.

    • Which is why I'll ask did you vote?

    • Look I asked the question respectably, you can claim I'm whoever I don't care it doesn't affect me and even if someone did spam the question why do you care? Seriously? You're so damn proud that you have to reply to a question, if you don't like it DONT CLICK ON IT

      Anyway did you vote B out of smite towards the question or do you actually believe bald is hated to that extreme.