Best looking bollywood actor vs best looking indian tv actor? Which shitskin wins?

Siddharth malhotra, the bollywood actor
Best looking bollywood actor vs best looking indian tv actor? Which shitskin wins?

Mohit raina, tv actor

  • Siddharth
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  • Mohit
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  • Both hot
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  • Both ugly
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  • Would look good but ugly coz they curry munchers
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Both are 5'11 with equal size
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Most Helpful Girl

  • The first guy is cute and the second guy is hot.

    • Makes sense and you are quite cute too :)

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    • Exactly!

    • But in a real life situation sid would be noticed more, he is 5'11 strong built and has a deep commanding voice. Zayn is a prettyboy, superior face but nothing apart from that he is 5'7 and weak and doesn't look that good in his pics before fame or outside the spotlight

Most Helpful Guy

  • siddharth is handsome as hell.

    • There are better looking people though

    • i know but the choices you gave me i told your from that.

    • I honestly think vidyut jamwal and john abraham is better, sid looked really good in his first movie but he looks better in the spotlight, in his interviews and normal lighting not so much

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  • what's with the rude comments towards Indians? ain't got no time for no racism man


What Guys Said 2

  • I feel so inferior!

    • Dont have to, the first guy is dating a short ugly girl called alia bhatt, he has a shit personality, looks dont matter much in life for a guy

  • vivian dsena takes the trophy. he is hotter than both of them.

    • I googled him, first i sqw his photoshoot pics he was good looking, then i saw his pics with other celebs and outside spotlight, he looks normal handsome