Girls, tell me how attractive/sexually appealing is this guy?

It means no overrating out of courtesy and no underrating because of his race or any other outer factors (It's not me, don't worry :)). Just rate him on a scale 1 - 10, where the number 1 is represented by the ugliest and very rare syndromatic/deformed patients, number 5 represents the average and the number 10 is basically the non-existent ideal (let's consider Johnny Depp to be a 8.5 on this scale).

Try to be as objective as possible and offer some short opinion eventually, please.

Thank you.

  • He is a 2
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  • He is a 3
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  • He is a 4
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  • He is a 5
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  • He is a 6
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  • He is a 7
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  • He is a 8
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