Girls, Pulling off Speedo?

This year I started wearing a speedo when I swim laps at the pool. I don't know, but I don't think I have grossed anyone out yet.. In a couple weeks, I will be in Miami for a two days. I have not bought swim short in a few years, so I was debating on speedo-I got it? How do you think I look in a speedo?Girls, Pulling off Speedo?

  • Body Looks good anywhere
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  • Okay at gym pool but not beach
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  • It's okay
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  • Good body, but no speedo anywhere
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  • Bad all around
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  • Other
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I'm a Girl
So anyone out there?
Just trying to bump this up. Would like to hear some opinions!


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  • Maybe change the color? It's white lol so it kind of looks like underwear but just my opinion.


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