I think this guy is exactly what is most attractive to women in real life, am I right?

Greg o' gallagher
I think this guy is exactly what is most attractive to women in real life, am i right?
Textbook handsome irish guy face

Ideal body without being too big

Neither too tall nor too short, he is 5'10''

Ridiculously rich parents (though he claims to make a 7 figure through his fitness channel which i think is BS, even jeff seid doesn't make close to that and he's at the top)

This guy is the fuckin unsung caucasian god

  • He is at the top level on the male hierarchy ladder
  • Meh, not my type
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just lol at your life because you werent born as him
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  • The guy I'm into is nothing like this guy here. lol He's Asian with a little bit of a manbun going on. He kinda looks like this guy here, except my guy isn't not Japanese. haha

    I prefer Asian guys more than anything, especially Korean guys. I LOVE Koreans. Hoho But yes, this guy here is cute indeed but I wouldn't date him, prolly just think he'd be awesome to have as a manager at work. My manager at my last job was insanely hot white boy, but I didn't like him to where I wanted to date him, mainly cause he was my manager and that's weird.. Plus, he was hella old..


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  • Not my ideal at all. My boyfriend is exactly the type I find attractive... tall, skinny with longer dark hair and dark eyes. I also don't like the very preppy dress look

    • How tall is he and whats with skinny guys these days like i get too much muscle is bad but since when i skinny attractive it used to be a taboo jist 15 years back

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    • i mean damn, u look so adorable and i am not trying to be creepy here lol,

    • Thank you and it's not creepy :) :)

  • I don't find him attractive at all. I wouldn't look twice at him if i passed him by.

    • i dont know why i feel like i posted his not so good pics, i thought they were good ones, go on his youtube channel kinobody, girls love him

    • No! i won't be checking out his youtube. I have no interest in him at all.

  • This guy doesn't even have a mark on my caucasian hottness radar, but that's just me

    • u serious? google kinobody and watch him in motion, his girlfriend is like an 8/10

    • She probably is very hot, everyone has a type. He's just definitely not mine. No chest hair? No facial hair? Kinda pretty? Young? Nope not for meπŸ˜‹

    • lol pure irish/ brits have a hard time growing facial hair

  • his face is kinda cute and his body is nice but I don't know he's not my type tbh... to feminine looking for my taste

    • wait, aren't you that chick who trashes all the guys and has ridiculously high standards. And you find this guy cute, then he must be very good looking

    • he's cute but still NOT my type,... i like grown manly men...

  • No, THIS is most attractive 😭😍😍❀️❀️😍😍 s6.favim.com/.../...josh-dun-Favim.com-3109956.jpg

    • I thought i would see matt bomer or henry cavill the guy in ur pic is average like a 4 or 5

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    • why would you wanna fight him? Lol. Guys are so weird

    • it proves who is more masculine XD
      sorry, just instincts

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