Today I went to the gym and I noticed I have a slightly small head, like somewhat average but lower average? how do I accordingly get skinny ripped?

I have always wanted to look like this tbh
Today I went to the gym and I noticed I have a slightly small head, like somewhat average but lower average? how do I accordingly get skinny ripped?

But i think this guy has a huge skull and hence can pull it off, so i think my best shot if i want to get into any relationship whatsoever would be to be more like those pretty boy twinks like this

and as you can tell, he's got a peanut skull too

(aamir khan already has a small head and zayn is even smaller)

Also, for the poll, does skull size really affect physical attractiveness if you build your body in proportion to it?

  • Skull size doesn't matter if you build a body in proportion
  • Small skull means you should kill yourself coz ur dieing a virgin
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i mean yeah, i know i am probably not going to enjoy the attention of women for ONS' and all until and unless i get really rich, lets be honest, even zayn wouldn't without his money and status, but no worries
some votes and opinions please, this issue really kills me


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  • I think keep an eye on how much muscle you actually build, I think to be like Aamir Khan it's going to take a lot of time so I wouldn't worry about that, and Zayn looks like a teenage boy - LOL about his head shape though :D

    Sidharth Malhotra is naturally a big guy so maybe that's why it's such a big difference between him and the other two.

    • i want to be like zayn malik, wanted to be like siddharth malhotra but not worth it lol, i have wide shoulders too but i think if i filled my frame my head would look too small for my body and whats wrong with zayn's head shape? his face is probably more handsome than sid's but overall he is a twink

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    • Can hair be a factor? Like more hair and beard gives the impression of a bigger skull because most guys who seemed to skullmog me had a hell lpt of hair and beard

    • actually now i think the opposite, i went to the gym today after months and i was standing next to my friends and my head looked big plus wide shoulders lol, weird

  • You are worried that your skull size prevent you from having relationships?
    Unless it's a shrunken by Amazonian voodoo masters, I suggest you focus on your personality, manners and overall appearance.

    • its a sick shallow world

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    • https://i[dot]imgur[dot]com/0jUBQPz[dot]jpg
      (replace [dot] with an actual dot)
      obviously, aziz ansari doesn't have a shrunken head, but he's still laughable next to chris pratt

    • and even zayn is only a couple of inches shorter than the first guy, but he's still look like a joke of a kid next to him


    ya, u don't wanna get burly and have a small head

    • Exactly lol, i hqve seen such people its weird

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    • Don't get me wrong, I don't like 'pretty guys'. All I'm saying is that, personally, I prefer guys with wiry muscle.

    • I think i would be the size bigger than zayn but smaller than sid. So going by your words thats about ideal lol but i doubt it, i still would kill nyself if i waa told to be in the same room as sid

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