If in the future, an AI can be creative, and write books, can it perfect them?

if in the future, an AI can be creative, and write books, can it perfect them? (srs)

what i mean is a bit difficult to explain. and I don't know where to ask it? anyone want to suggest some scientific forum?

-if AI reach and surpass human intelligence, in all areas social skills, creativity, IQ

-and artificial intelligence can write books in the future,

could it make the book so elegant and beautiful it blows away our mind. cause the AI has a iq of 12784?

what i mean is if a elementary student has iq of 75 in terms of writing creative and also books/essays.

and the greatest writers in human history has a iq of 175 in terms of creative writing, and books/essays.

but if the AI has a IQ of 12675 in terms of creative writing. could it perfect the science behind writing a story?

like a 300 page story has 10^50 something or less possible combination of words/letters. can some super intelligent artificial computer perfect the science of writing a story. and write a creative book that gives constant goosebumps to the readers?

this can also relate to movies, videos games, and music.

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  • To an extent, yes. However, it's possible that people would prefer a human element. In that case, AI will never be. What I'm wondering is why there is so much talk about AI, and people don't seem to realize that it will take their jobs if they aren't careful. Or maybe that was their hope all along - which in that case, it may create anarchy. People are being too lazy, which is extremely bad. We are putting ourselves seriously into distinction from the way this is heading - because it appears we may be pursuing procreating AI instead of humans.

  • those stuff are subjective. there are plenty of great books that i think are absolute dog shit. the most notable 1 being the catcher in the rye. or movies. everyone seems to like frozen and i think it was probably the worst disney movie i've ever seen. or music... turn on the radio for that.

  • I understand your question and yes there would be an algorithmic set of values in a given language that would be considered beautiful to most, if not all, human life.

    This wouldn't have anything to do with IQ though; it's just standard pattern recognition.

    • I could be wrong but I think pattern recognition is one of the most important factors in IQ. I don't think IQ is a very useful measurement though.

    • @frozenhorizon Pattern recognition in computer programming is a totally different thing than in human consciousness. For instance computers can and do compute out hundreds of thousands of digits of pi, something the human brain cannot do, but at the same time obviously can't begin to even do something as simple as hold a real conversation using language.

      It is because language has more than just a pattern to it; it is a functionally fluid medium for expressing abstract ideas in which abstraction is currently very difficult to program into computers. Maybe someday. Regardless abstraction isn't required for this particular task.

  • The perfect writer is defined by their flaws.

    • according to our human IQ.

      but if someday a super intelligence AI, that is creative.

      is able to produce creative art, could the subjective art be perfected?

  • By using algarithm

  • Probably yes. It's hard to imagine since they don't "think" but we are just robots too really, only difference really is our minds are made out of carbon instead of silicon. There is a chance that it won't be possible though, computers work on a binary system that could limit their abilities (though we might find a way of making them non-binary, perhaps with advances in quantum computing). Or maybe even humans actually have some sort of "soul" making us more than robots

    • Oh by the way I really don't think IQ is a good measure for good book writing. If you've taken an IQ test you'll know it's mostly logic based questions. Writing a book isn't about logic (unless it's like a maths book or something)