Weirdest how do I look topic, do turbans look good?

Weirdest how do I look topic, do turbans look good?

no they aren't terrorists.

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do they look attractive to other countries?


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  • Funny thing you added about them being terrorists because the people that wear turbans are the Sikhs and they live in Pakistan and parts of India (I am assuming you are a Sikh maybe?) but Sikhs are some of the most peaceful people I know their religion is also very cool too in my opinion and when referring to terrorists in the sense of middle easterners they hardly count more like west assigners i guess. The terrorists we think of are wearing burkas or hijab and those are specifically for women most "terrorists" do not wear anything or something simple like a balaclava mask or a bandana to cover their faces most muslims from what I know would almost never wear a turban

    • hats off to you. im also a sikh but dont wear a turban since i was small. appreciate it that you could differentiate.

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  • Man it looks good don't worry , by the way it seems you are from india?

  • Given the anti-Islamic attitude given off by the media at the moment, I'd proceed with caution about wearing the turban. Non-Muslim girls, if you're dating/going for one, might not like you as much because of it.

  • I'm just gonna say it.. How is dude number 3 gonna use those headphones?

    • LOL😂😂😂

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    • well on a second note, the cloth is very thin. i think sound is able to pass through it, although being damped by it.

    • I don't see how those headphones are gonna fit around his turban is all I'm sayin'

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