Do both these guys have a similar nose?

Aditya roy kapoor, indian actor (and he looks WAYYYYYYYY better in motion, he is a true example of hot in real and ugly in photos lol)Do both these guys have a similar nose?

Marcello alvarez, Spanish model

And is this just about the ideal nose shape for a man? I have the same one as them and i think its the only good feature i possess lol

  • Yes, they have a similar nose and its a good one
  • Yes, similar nose and ur dieing a virgin with that nose
  • Different noses completely
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ok now that i look at it, aditya's nose is bigger and downturned
damn this question was pointless, even i would go for different now lol


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  • Oh, hey there Indian dude who's obsessed with his looks, it's about time you stop being so annoying and ask us to compare celebrities all the time! Don't worry, you look like neither of them. You're so insecure it's borderline pathetic.

    • I am not him

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    • wow, this was me at the beginning of my GAG career

    • @hulkksmashlovesvnmc at least you improved :P

  • SHIT a Spanish model 🙄

    • no one shits a Spanish model

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  • they are a little similar, but why do you care soo much about the nose? you are attractive more than this stupid actor.

    • lol how would you know ha ha and nope

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    • wow this was me with my very first account bro lmaoo

    • @hulkksmashlovesvnmc haha