Do I look like my mom?

Do I look like my mom?

I don't wish to but people tell me I do resemble her..


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  • I see a bit of similarity around the eyes - You are both at different stages of your life - You look like a very cute teen and she is a very attractive mom - Both of you should be proud of how you look and the beauty you both possess - Embrace the similarities and differences underneath it all, you are both individuals and you have your own personalities, that is what is important. You are you, she is herself, everybody is unique and family members are going to have the slightest higher probability of have some resemblance.
    I know the world seems looks based but it is personality that is far more important. If people know for who you are not what you look like, if you look like someone, it won't seem that important anymore.


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  • Yes you do...


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