Girls, Do any of you get very dark hairs on your lip?

Im a girl and I have a lot of hair on my lip. I obviously try and get rid if it but I can't do it quick enough because it comes back the day after. If you do get it , how do you cope and what can i do to get it gone for good?


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  • Hair laser removal...

    I have read that you need to do it about three times, and that they will stop growing.

    So find a good place where they do it, save up money and have it done.

    That my only advice... Because twisting, waxing and shaving will never be permanent... Waxing would be your second option if laser hair removal is too expensive for now...

    I've been reading on it... I want to save up to do it on my legs first.. And see if it works... And then do private areas 😯😁. Cause shaving is sooo annoying and time consuming 😝

    • Thanks for the advice 😊👍🏽

    • 😨 apparently you didn't act fast enough to remove the hairs And you've turned into a guy😯😯

      And it says I'm most helpful GUY? 😨😩😩😩😭😭😭😭

      We need laser hair removal fast 😭😭😭

    • Thank you for mhg 😜😁😁

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  • It's pretty much the same set of things you can do with any hair. You can trim it, you can shave it, wax it, or maybe bleach it until you get to the point where you can have it lasered off or whatever.

  • Every female has fine hair on their upper lip just some have it darker than others..

    • Hadn't finished this page Jumps like crazy on a mobile phone, you Should wax it rather than shave it

  • Yes. I use an electric shaver or naire. To remove it for a long time, waxing would help.