If I get many checking out from girls, should I assume that my look is 8 or above?

I'm a light brown guy living in Europe. I'm not from Europe but I look like Latin guy. Whenever I go anywhere I notice girls are checking me out. Most of them just turn their head as soon as I've eye contact and when they pass me they look back to see me. Some of them just stare. Not only girls, also women older than me (early 30s) they also check me out. It's not like every girl checking me out ( or may be I didn't notice), but I had many occasion where girls are literally peeking at me.

I'm not a muscular guy, just average body. So I think it's my look. Also this checking out becomes double, if I wear anything stylish ( like sunglass).

The question is not about how I look really, it's about judgement based on girls behaviour.
Even though its not about me, but I think I'm handsome as girls said to me I'm very beautiful/cute. Also in the dance club girls hitting on me, start tweaking by themselves.


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  • No..

    • I think this the most relevant answer of my question. Anyway how would you rate that guy? Is it just above average (6+).

    • The man in question is rated on two fronts:



      His looks could be 5+ because so long as you are not deformed no one will fault for it.

      His status (hence the effect of the clothing) is probably significantly higher. He is trendy. He is chic. He is culturally and socially desirable because not only does he have the funds but he has the knowledge and the know-how to make it work for him.

      But that's just me in a world apart.

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  • Need to see a photo first

    • I'm not judging myself. I'm just asking based on the scenario, irrespective of the guys attractiveness.

    • Then you were just imagining things. I notice white girls can stare at non whites out of curiousity. Its not because they are thinking of sexing u

    • Could be. I know that people will point about racial bias. But girls said I'm handsome (white ones) and in the dance club they step forward to have hook up with me.

      But based on your argument even though I live in a international city (Zurich) I'm not denying that some of them stared with curiosity.

  • If you're a good looking guy then women will check you out.

  • I only ckeck out guys that I find attractive but I tend to also look at guys I think are ugly af soo...๐Ÿ˜†

    • well, I'm hot guy, as girls told me so. But just for curiosity do you tend to check out (e, g, having long eye contact, multiple stealing glance or staring) ugly guys too. I think for strange people, people just look once and just walk away.

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    • What funny about Zurich?
      I didn't see disgusted face from girls except few old men.

    • Funny in a nice way because i live in basel๐Ÿ˜Š

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  • soo ur from middle east or india

    • Thats right

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    • just post a pic to see if ur good lookinf, no offense but rarely any good looking indian / middl east guy

    • No I didn't mind. I somewhat agree what you said. But sorry I'm not comfortable to post my pic as some people may recognize me.
      But I'm not look like indian guy, even people from my country can't recognize me as native.

  • I guess you can think that you are probably an 8+ guy in terms of looks. If a lot of guys are also peeking or staring then maybe you look unique in comparison to the other men in the area you live in. And not necessarily in a good way. I suggest doing some more research if you are really interested in what others are thinking about you. Don't jump to solutions right away.

    • I know. That's why I mentioned my ethnicity. Anyway girls told me I'm very beautiful/cute. Also in the clubs girls themselves approach to me indirectly.

    • Also it's not about me, Im wondering about the generalization based on girls behaviour defining guys look.

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