How is this indian guy any worse looking than the best looking caucasian men if I remove the racial bias?

I'll be honest, in movies i saw that henry cavill guy, great actor, but i can't help but think that this indian guy looks better than henry if i dont consider the race factor, am i the only one who thinks so?
siddharth malhotra
How is this indian guy any worse looking than the best looking caucasian men if i remove the racial bias?

Henry cavill

not that i would mind trading faces with henry too lol, but its like henry is an 8 and siddharth an 8.5 in my opinion

  • Yeah, siddharth is better looking
  • Nope, henry is still better looking
  • They are both good looking
  • They are both meh
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so i am confused, is the blue meaning the girls are voting today? or is that only for opinions
so if i consider inverse in the votes too, damn, am i surprised more girls chose henry lol, i think sid is looking better in these pics


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  • i think dark skin is way more attractive than white. i think the indian guy is way hotter than the other.

    • disregard skin colour or race or things like that, i am just going by other features

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    • i meant though that i think indians have nicer features. the I'm attracted to people with darker skin, its not white guys who gets a tan.

    • true, but i dont know if features alone matter as much, its not like x+y gives xy here, u need to have harmony in general, its like u have it or u dont , i personally have a similat face shape to sid, better eye area than sid (like henry's, but deeper brown), not hooded but deeper set and a little smaller and a straighter nose, but i look nowhere as good as any of them lol

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  • They all look like sheit I bet their slay count is a big fAT ---> ⭕️ Zeroooo
    #TryHarder fggt

  • He's not objectively. But I personally prefer fair skin and light eyes. Its all about preference

    • so racial bias is a thing

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    • @rescuemyheart...

    • @Asker and you sir are dumb as fuck, too stupid to see that I am supporting your view only. No wonder every one considers Indians here to be weird dumbfucks

  • Henry is more attractive in my opinion.

    • Jaw game is strong lol

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    • The girls that said it, they were ugly though u look doable so I'll care more for your preference lol

    • ... Thanks? Aha.

  • They r both bad I mean c'mon look at me sexiest man on GAG


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  • Yep, he is good looking.

    • girls still seem to want henry more than siddharth lol, but i think sid has a better face though it could be the camera colouring too

    • he does seem to look kinda average without the lighting tbh but thats most actors, henry still looks handsome though
      but conventionally sid has more masculine features

    • Right i think.

  • They both look good..! :) Ethnicity isn't a big factor

    • lol, if u ask jealous men on the internet, they are like, siddharth is just conventionally handsome and his only shot in life is if he pretends to be a latino, if he is lucky, he might be as good looking as tom hardy on his best day and is average by white guy standards while henry is perfect, nearly exact words i can remember from another site