Girls, why dont white girls like indian guys?

im a indian guy who came to america 5 years ago. no attention from the white ladies. why? im not that bad looking and I've learned western ways already. everyone thinks its super easy to get white girl in india.

we indians are at bottom of the food chain, at least black people got big dicks


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  • Let's just remember that white girls are people too, and just like all other people do not have to like anything or anyone. Yeah?
    If you prefer white girls, that's cool! But just like you, white girls are all unique and have different preferences! Some girls prefer Indian guys and some girls prefer whoever else they prefer. :)
    Just because you're a guy doesn't mean that a girl has to like you. Be nice, treat her well, and hopefully feelings will grow. :)
    And if you're just talking about hook-ups... hit the club! :D

    • i thought it was my skin color at first but they like black guys a lot still

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    • Maybe you should just find a girl you actually like and not for what colour she is... lol... that's a pretty bad attitude.

    • i try too, i just wanted what i wanted but arranged marraige it is

  • This is why they don't like.
    Stop trying

  • Interesting question!