Does this guy have a big nose at all?

Does this guy have a big nose at all?I mean he mentioned in a few of his videos and i was like wtf, i mean how is that a big nose at all?

And if he does have a big nose, how does this guy not? i mean he has just about the same nose i think

Please tell me, i have the same nose and now i am worried lol

  • Neither of them have a big nose
  • They both have a shitty big nose
  • They both have a big nose but its alright on a guy
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and whats a small nose then i really can't imagine one smaller than that, i mean my friend has a tiny nose and it looks feminine good on him though since he plays pretty boy game


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  • That ain't even close to big
    I have a big nose so I know the difference :P

    • doesn't appear so in ur pic maybe it all in ur mind too like the first guy

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    • If ur not there don't worry lol

    • Haha ok ok 😜

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  • I don't think either of those guys have big noses but I think the girls do lol. Which is fine. A nose is a nose.

    • holy shit yeah lmaooo, made my day

    • and give me an opinion, is it just me or the second guy looks nowhere near as good among normal people in normal lighting as he does in his solo photos? If yes, does it mean any guy/ girl with simply average features has the potential to be good looking if they try hard enough. I mean this is how he looks on instagram

      and this is how he is among his friends
      (right most guy)

    • Yeah he looks nothing like his instagram pictures but isn't that everybody on instagram anyway? Lol. Personally, the pretty boy look is not attractive at all. I prefer a man that is handsome not pretty. I think everybody is gorgeous in the right eyes. It's more about what's on the inside though. Hoenstly I think Seth Rogen is more attractive.

  • I voted that neither have a big nose but maybe the first guys nose is bigger from the side but the other one seems to have an average sized nose.

    • yeah that is there, i guess coz its downturned

  • Neither, I don't see anything wrong with it

  • who is the second guy i think i love him

    • marcello alvarez

    • so wait, does this mean every guy/ girl with just about average features who puts in enough effort can be considered attractive, coz he honestly looks very normal among normal people and normal lighting, look at him in the second pic as well, and here is him at the club

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