Rate aditya Roy kapoor out of 10?

I think legit 8

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Votes and opinions and he is 6'2"
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  • 6/10 he aiight

    • Damn if he is a 6 I am so killing myself for uglinesa

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    • Haha. Lucky you asker. And it's not generalization. It's facts. It's pretty obvious how girls take race and skin color much more seriously than guys. I'm not sure whether it's because they find certain races like South Asian and East Asian men unattractive or because they don't wanna be seen with us in public unless we're able to compensate with either height, muscles, money, etc.

    • And tbh I think tall, rich. Buff, light skin is gonna be a desirable trait for any race makes no sense, it's Indian facial features and build that is usually repulsive

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  • He's Indian. Maximum he'll get is 6 or 7 in here by girls. If he was white then he'd get 9 or 10 by girls.

    • True day so then Siddharth malhotra is God like? He already gets 8

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    • Most Bollywood actors look like shit. Apart from Siddharth malhotra, hrithik roshan, John Abraham and aditya Roy kapoor they are all average looking

    • That's because they're usually chosen for their acting rather than looks. Whereas the actresses are usually chosen for their looks rather than their acting.

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  • 6/10


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