How do you know If you are good-looking scale 1-10?

I was wondering how as a straight male I am supposed to pick out how good looking I am on a scale of
1-10 when I am not aware properly of what makes a man attractive physically. I was asked to rate myself in school and I said I was a 6 which I thought meant above average (apparently not-its 7?)

I am told by most female family members that I am good looking and by some of my school friends who say that I am the best looking out of our clique of 8-10 people. But i'm thinking whether or not this is all subjective because i don't personally think so and I have only had very few girlfriends which suggests that I might not even be as attractive as I think. What should you base your conclusion off of?


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  • For me, I judge three parts
    appearance, color, and personality
    But right now lets just stick with appearance.
    Appearance is just your body and face.

    Professional body-builder body - 10
    Active sports athlete - 9
    Work out every day - 8
    Work out once and a while - 7
    Run once and a while - 6
    Run when I have to - 5
    Never work out - 4
    Couch potato - 3
    Gave up and eats a lot - 2
    Weigh around 200 lbs at 18 that isn't all muscle - 1

    FACE: (Eye color, skin color and hair color/style aren't counted because it depends on the mixture of the 4 to make you look good. That's next.)
    Strong jaw, high cheek bones, smooth skin - 10
    Defined jaw, high cheek bones, relatively smooth skin - 9
    Defined jaw, higher than average cheek bones, minor acne - 8
    Average jaw, average cheeks bones, minor acne - 7
    Average jaw, average cheek bones, acne - 6
    Weaker than average jaw, average cheek bones, acne - 5
    Weaker than average jaw, average cheek bones, bad acne - 4
    Jaw, weak cheek bones, bad acne - 3
    Chubby jaw, no cheek bones (don't show too much), terrible acne - 2
    Very chubby jaw, no cheek bones, horrible acne - 1

    COLOR + STYLE: + is sexy factor
    Blue eyes +2
    Brown eyes +1
    Green eyes +2
    Dark eyes + 2
    Fair skin +2
    Tan skin + 2
    Freckled skin +2
    Slightly scarred skin +3
    Brown hair + 2
    Blonde hair + 2
    Red hair +1
    Dyed hair +2
    Bigger bottom lip + 2
    Bigger upper lip +1
    Same size lips +2
    No lips +0
    Long hair + 0
    Buzzcut +2
    Justin Bieber swish +1
    Tin tin cow-lick +2
    Messy hair + 2
    Other +1

    Add the color + style points together, then add the Body and Face points together with the color + style points, divide by 3.
    8 (body) + 7 (face) + 9 (color + style) = 24 / 3 = 8

    I got 8.


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  • What do you want your looks for? If it's to be a model then it makes sense to worry about it. If it's to be attractive to the opposite sex it's better to just see how they react to you than ask for a rating.

    For example I think I'm rather odd looking but I've had both men and woman tell me I'm very handsome. The important point is women are very attracted so it doesn't really matter what i think. I only look in a mirror to shave.


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  • Usually people tell you if you are attractive.

  • I'm 3 :// at least I feel like it :(

  • Then you must be pretty attractive I suppose. So don't fret it.

  • Post a pic n I'll tell u

  • "had very fem girlfriends"... I have had non.. how do you think this makes me feel? lol


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  • How do I know?

    well I always look at myself in the mirror everyday so that's how I know where I stand as far as looks are concerned.

  • Post shirtless pic on ig, Throw crudest like on 10 chicks on tinder. Numbers who respondbbak is ur rating

  • How do I know? I look I the mirror...

  • A 4-5 right now, a 8-9 in six months.

  • You look in them mirror and say, damn.

  • I am a 2.7

  • If you want to know if you're good-looking to the general population, you let them judge not you. Instead of knowing exactly the numbers, you can ask yourself if many people told you that you're attractive. I'm assuming that didn't happen (if it did good for you) since you asked this question so, most likely, you're average or below average according to the general population around you.