How much weight should I lose before starting getting decent looking?

I started hitting the gym and eating properly in January, and so far I've lost around 12 kg, I'm now 191 cm X 104 kg. How much weight do you think should I still lose? (judging by pic and my measurements)How much weight should I lose before starting getting decent looking?

  • 15-20 kg
  • 20-25 kg
  • >25 kg (define a goal)
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[I would prefer I written text also! I'm not gonna be offended, don't worry!]


Most Helpful Guy

  • you're 191? how tall are you?

    • No dude, I'm 191 CM (around 6'3) and 104 kg.

    • ahh thank you for the clarification lol.

      okay so you're 229 lbs.

      if you cut down to 200 you should be pretty good for your height, granted you're cutting fat and building decent mass at the same time.

    • Thank you for your opinion!

What Girls Said 3

  • I would say around 30 kg should do the trick. Of course I'm talking about the fat mass. You should also provide adding some muscle at the gym :)
    [I would also recommend you to do something with your nose, it is a bit asymmetrical, but of course this has nothing to do with your weight :)]

  • You are already 'decent' looking. Give yourself some credit. Congrats on the weight loss though
    - Fleur

  • I think you need to lose around 24 kg to become healthy. To become attractive... that is something not everyone can achieve, I'm sorry...

    • WOAH! That was pretty direct! Okay, I guess. I mean, not okay but... I wasn't expecting something like this, I must admit!

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    • Oh trust me Asker, everyone's physical taste is different. You don't want to attract women like this anonymous user anyways, so u can ignore this opinion. Negative energy like her's, should always be purged and ignored.

    • @Prof_Don Yeah, that's true, but I still got my point. I don't get hurt, so that's okay. Better to insult someone like me than someone sensitive, if it is necessary.

What Guys Said 2

  • You have a really nice smile, keep losing fat and gain some muscle while you're at it, and the ladies will love you more and more.

  • 300 kg at least.

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