Women word you date a guy like me that is ugly?

Women word you date a guy like me that is ugly ?

This is probably not the best photo of me coz my eyes bagy coz I look tied I look tiny bit better when I have had a good sleep


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  • I wouldn't say you're ugly. Other than your expression, you look like a normal dude in his late 30s to me. Bonus points because you don't seem to be overweight. Most people are normal/average and meet partners.

    • Lol men in their late 30s do not all look like that.

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    • @Trenhard... Do you not see most people? He's not saying he wants to score dimes or rule the hookup scene. I stand by my opinion.

      @OP - lack of trying is a sure way to fail. If you only know a handful of people and none of them are potential partners, that's not gonna change. I do agree with the mouthy young fella that lifting/working out is always helpful - it does look good, it does boost your testosterone levels and a program where you set and meet goals makes you feel good/accomplished.

      But none of that will matter if you don't push yourself to branch out.

    • Have you checked my profile photo I am ya bit younger in that photo I look a tiny bit better

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  • Ahhhh brah!!! You look like you deliberately went out of your way to look like a pedophile lmfaoo.

    Your only chance..
    -Shave Head your hairline looks like shit.. either that or get a military fade.
    -Get a tan..
    -Go to a plastic surgeon and get fillers under your eyes like restylane.. not that expensive
    -Get on on the juice and start lifting. Testosterone has many great benefits to men your age. Only way a man can be considered sexy to younger prime age women is to left and have a godly physique.

    As of right now you are a 0/10 and I doubt any woman would consider having sex with you. Zero sex appeal but I gave you some solid advice on how to fix it.

    • Word you judge a book by its cover? So why should it be different with a man? I have lots of girls as friends but word not date me

    • Well I can't give advice to someone who doesn't want to take it brah. I gave you my opinion.

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  • I'm too younnnnnnnng

  • Yea but you best not be poor or socially inept.

  • U r scary so no

    • Word you judge a book by its cover so why should it be different for a human? I have lots of girls as friends but word not date me

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