How do u not obsess over insecurities with regard to the face?

I visited these sites sluthate. com and lookism. net now I keep thinking complete BS all day, my mouth width is 0.34 times my face width instead of the 0.35 being ideal is one example so u know my obsession. I know it sounds a little hilarious but I have serious bdd now and I keep feeling the world makes fun of my face. How do I counter this?

  • It's over for you, time to visit gandy (codeword for God in those sites)
  • This can be fixed easily, I'll tell u how
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And yeah, it's like I definitely Google those famous heartthrob men more than fangirls do to make comparisons or take out imperfections it's become crazy
I deleted all my pictures on Facebook, on any site I ever visited before basically everything with regard to me on the internet because I don't want anyone to ever see me, my brain is a crazy place right now, I am not even joking, even in my classes, I analyse face ratios of my profeasors sometimes to pass time


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  • If it's bad I guess you really don't ever get over it. I'm planning on getting cosmetic surgery when I'm older because my I have permanent facial contracture.

    • If thats u in the pic ur either being cocky or you are just beautiful and asking for more

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    • Are you Indian? It looks like you have a few south Asian features lol

    • I'm half indian :)

  • You eventually learn not to stress about it. I used to all the time when i was younger, but all it did was make me feel bitter and depressed. It got to the point that I developed social anxiety. I missed out on a lot in my late teens and early 20s because I was obsessed with my face. I have a masculine face. Now I just go out and hold my head up high. If people don't want to see my face, they can choose to ignore me. If people don't want to be my friends over it, that's their choice. I have a pretty good life and I'm not going to let my imperfections rule my life.

    Just enjoy life and don't worry about it. If people actually care that much about your looks (if they are indeed bad) than you don't want them in your life anyway.


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  • Well I have been rated a 4-5/10 by people I know irl so my face isn't good but I just don't think about it, there's not much I can do so I just don't stress could always be worse, you don't have to be the perfect attractiveness.

    • Going on the internet fucked me up, I actually came on girlsaskguys because it seems more comforting than those

    • And then even out here I keep putting rate me photos of famous celebs so I can get responses and fix myself accordingly I have no skills, no personality because of this for the past 6 months

    • well I hope your realize that everyone has insecurities no one is perfect and most girls look average and don't have standards that are that high, Try searching stuff about how to improve facial features if you really care.

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