How would you say I look?

So I am really self concious and shy and because of that I am reluctant to aproach girls because of fear that I would get rejected. What are your toughts on my appearance? How would you say I look ?


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  • Fear of being rejected, huh?
    Well, I guess I'm not the only one, then.
    Anyway, if a person rejects you for your looks/physicality, the loss is theirs. Such superficial women are not worth being with. Its the person within that matters, not their outward appearance.

    • I know what ur saying and I agree, is just that I feel unattractive and it causes me to shut down everything such as humor or any idea whatsoever on what to say do or act.

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    • cheers ! here's to both of us getting what we want ;)

    • Cheers! *raises imaginary glass*
      Good luck!

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  • You look okay to me - I think everyone has some fear of being rejected.