Do you think this girl is physically attractive, regardless of the fact she is a little overweight?

I love this model in the video. She has gained weight in the past five years or so, but I still think she looks great,

  • Yes, she's physically attractive!
  • She's average looking/decent, but not that great looking.
  • No, she's not physically attractive.
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@truthbeknown I agree completely.

@LovelyComputerVirus I agree, she's pretty too!


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  • She is a bit bigger than what I like, but she has a very sexy shape and sexy curves. I think I could totally enjoy having sex with her. She is very attractive too.


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  • Definitely a voluptous 'renaissance' type of woman. But not ugly for shure since she has a decent face and her feminine voice which adds more attractiveness to her as a person. This overtakes ppl's initial impression of her overweight body and gives her leeway to be noticed. So its a plus.

  • She is pretty and at least 75% of guys would find her attractive if not more.

    • I'm not so sure about that number. I'd say maybe 40 percent of straight males find her attractive. The reason I think they're a minority is because most guys I know are extremely picky about a girl being too heavy-Regardless of how heavy the guy is.

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    • That's because they have options! Can't you see?
      Guys of all body types, all walks of life like them, they can pick and choose what guys they want.
      I haven't even looked at the comments in that video but I bet there's tons of guys thirsting for her in the comments.

    • Well girls have a lot more options than guys do anyway. There seems to be this myth that girls who carry extra weight are less picky, but even then, I don't find that to be true. It may be true for obese women, but not girls who are just slightly, or moderately overweight.

      And there have been guys thirsting for her in the comments ever since she started posting videos four years ago.

      The first time I saw her was at a local Independence Day festival back in 2010(I live 20 miles from this model), and I saw a SWARM of guys around her-But she was literally about 50 pounds lighter back then, and her waist to hip ratio was very very low (She had a flat stomach, and very large bottom half). To my surprise, I saw this SAME girl posting random videos on Youtube. I still think she has a great shape, but it's not as good as it used to be.

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