Do your eyes change colour as you age? (Also, What colour are my eyes?

So, Ever since i was little, i had dark brown eyes. And, I always remember my parents and family commenting on how my eyes were brown (Because both of my parents had blue, so it seemed unusual).

I tried to find a close up picture of my eyes when i was young, but, this was the closest i could find, As you can see, They are very dark brown.

Do your eyes change colour as you age? (Also, What colour are my eyes?
And, Hell, Even a picture, from about 2 years ago, You can see my eyes are still brown.

Yet, Recently, When i took a picture, I noticed my eyes seemed almost green, And almost all of the brown had vanished, And i could now only see the brown slightly in the top of my eyes, Like this. (i just took these).

And in these photos, To me, My eyes look very very very much green, (I can still see a hint of brown in the right one above the pupil, But barely).

So, This leaves me quite... baffled almost? For 16 years i have had dark brown eyes, And suddenly within months they have gone green and the brown has almost vanished? I mean... thats definitely green right? (I haven't edited any of these btw).

Im seriously confused about this. Its weird for me to see this.

So yeah, Has anyone else ever experienced their eye colours changing? Or, Is this abnormal?,

Thank you.

  • Yes, It is normal for your eyes to naturally change colour within a short space of time.
  • No, it is not normal for your eyes to naturally change colour within a short space of time.
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So, I was just looking into it, And according to here, -

Only 1-2% of the worlds population has green eyes, So, This must be negative in some way then right if its so rare? Does anyone know the actual reasons why this has happened? Thank you.


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  • As far as I'm aware, it's not normal for your eyes to change colour. I think I've heard that babies can be born with blue eyes that then change to their own colour though I'm not sure how true that is, but I haven't really heard of an adult's eyes changing colour like that.


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  • I have green eyes all my like. But when I hit my late teens they began to get golden flakes in them

    • Did it happen to you within a matter of months too?

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    • Arrrrrr , damn it

    • Aye, You know the drill, Haha.

      As my college teacher said to me after i got a shard of glass in there, ''You can always buy another pair of goggles, But you're on your last pair of eyes'' xD.

      Well, I've got a life time of this shit left, So, Im sure I've got plenty more shit to get rammed in their within that time, Haha.

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  • I don't think its normal but I do think its possible, my ex was born with the bluest eyes and had really blue eyes then as he's getting into his late twenties his eyes are totally green and sometimes hazel.

  • yeah i think it's normal, my mom and my grandma have had brown eyes since birth but as they aged their eyes faded and turned a bit grayish. i don't think yours is the same thing but i think it's possible.

    • I hope its normal, Its pretty worrying watching them change like this within months,

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    • But, I specifically remember looking at my eyes close up in mirror and photos as a child and in my younger teen years. And it was definitely brown!. Because my entire family has blue eyes it was sort of a running joke, Because i was born in a different country to them and had different coloured eyes so i was the ''odd one out'' and they all joked about the brown eyes.

      This is why i asked my mother, Just to make sure i wasn't going insane. Because, She of all people would know right? And she said brown, This is why im so confused, Im trying to look into it to find out if this is normal, but, i can find little to none about brown eyes turning green, given how only 1-2% of people on earth have green eyes :/.

    • more people have hazel eyes, you might be one of them.

  • Did you happen to use any drops in your eyes?

    • Absolutely nothing matey!.

      I even looked at what medication I've been taking to see if that could be causing it, But, I cannot imagine things like Anti-Histamines or Anti-Depressents causing a complete change in iris texture right?

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    • I just overlooked those things as being able to cause that, I will have to look into it, thank you for the idea!

    • Yeah no problem

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  • Samething happened to my Dad and some of his brothers. Eyes turned from dark brown to green. They've been described as sexy eyes lmao. I'm still waiting for it to happen to me dammit lol. Aww wellzz

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