Guys and Girls rate your opinion on this statement "If any kid looks/stares/smiles at you, that means you have a pretty face" ?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't think that's particularly true lol the only person who ever told me that children always smile at her because "they recognise beautiful/symmetrical facial features better than adults." had the most asymmetrical face ever..

    • "If you have a symmetrical facial feature that means you are beautiful" I think thats kind of stereotype.

    • It's true though..

What Girls Said 1

  • Hell no, it means your weird looking or ugly. I mean just smiling at you, they're a friendly kid. If they just stare blankly or leer at your face. ... errr sorry about your luck.

    • I don't know. At least kinds never do leering. Also I don't think kids find someone hot or ugly. Those are sexual concept perceived by aged person. I read some artical about child psychology which said either you are a charming person or funny ( like wearing colorful clothes) or you have some unique features.

    • Yes kids know what ugly and pretty is. I distinctly remember in gr 1 and 2 thinking boys were cute or other boys were ugly. Hot is a word adults use, a kid wouldn't use "hot", but they learn and know what the word beautiful/pretty is and yes they know the opposite too which is ugly. It's in their vocabulary in grade school ages. My kid now distinctly knows what is good looking and what isn't, maybe not down to how an adult would be picky in choosing pretty and ugly but if if i chose a picture of a distinctly pretty person and a distinctly ugly person she would be able to differentiate the two.

What Guys Said 1

  • I would be surprised if that was a 100% true - You might have a friendly face and be average looking.

    • Yes I think it's friendly face. I don't like kids and my niece is always try to keep away from me :P :P