Good songs to hear during depression?

Shouldn't glorify sex, appearance, drugs etc

Lol I'm not actually depressed right now but I get bouts of it time to time which is why I want to know
I think this question should be featured since it has useful stuff coz we are mostly basement dwelling introverts here js


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  • Ahhh dude... there's no way I'd have lived to see the age of 19 if not for music.

    Plenty of close games between staying alive and letting it all go, back then. More than a few went to overtime.

    There was one voice that broke that tie more often than all the others, and that was Chris Cornell's. I swear, if not for that voice, singing right into my damn soul... I wouldn't be here to write this.

    Ironically, his most soulful album didn't even come out until I was way through the worst of that, after I'd traveled the world and come back home. Here's the whole album, "Euphoria Morning" (2001), in one place:
    52 minutes. Listen to all of it.

    I feel ya, man.

    If you've got that same game going on inside you, that I had going on inside me... read what I wrote here:


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  • Rock and Roll by Led Zeppelin and Highway Star by Deep Purple from the Made in Japan album


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  • AzureGirl has a good idea maybe a bit of chillout instrumental music of whatever genre you like - It might help you relax and get some restful sleep which usually helps a lot of people.

  • What about the best is yet to come