Where are all the thick girls?

So I'm relatively thick. I'm 5ft and about 140lbs. And yes I know the entire thing of being fat doesn't mean you're thick but I've never been told I'm fat or think I am and my doctor thinks I'm at a healthy weight. Anyways, most of it is in my legs, strength train my legs and butt to no end so I have large legs. Whenever going to school or in public I almost never see women like me, I mostly see thin, average or overweight women but I can't find a woman with legs like mine for the life of me. If it helps I'm mixed (black, white and hispanic) and I know other girls that do similar routines to mine. Am I just a leg freak or blind and not actually alone. Thanks!


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  • Without a picture it is really a bit harder to wonder how you are. But do you mean you have thick legs like this:


    Or like this:


    Both are very nice thick legs, imho.

    • They look like the woman on top

    • You're naturally blessed with these genes, dear. I think that it may be the place you live that has not much of this shape. Usually, this kind of body is more seen among blacks and some hispanics, and this matches with your information. There are also some white with naturally strong legs in slavic countries.

      All in all, it is an outstanding body asset, imho, and, as it is, it may be rare as top beauty (or the opposite) also are.

    • Okay, thanks so much! :)

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  • You mostly see thin or overweight women? Girl!!! At 18 weighing 140 and only 5', is wayyy over weight. If you're comparing to the girls who literally look like walking giant balls, it does not mean you're not overweight...

    Here's the problem, muscle DOES weigh more than fat, so perhaps you do carry more muscle than the average fat girl, so when you compare yourself you and others view your situation as 'normal'.. And if you've noticed the sizes have changed with time... And do you know why? That's because people eat soooo much genetically modified foods that the original "small" size doesn't exist much anymore... And so mediums and larges have now taken its place, and thus allowing for extra larger sizes to be considered more normal, and you are now allowed to weigh more to be considered overweight, but even in today's scale, you'd still be considered overweight... Even if you do have thick legs or more muscle, it's still heavy for your height and more importantly your age...

    Regardless of weight though... Here's something I'd advice you to do.. Irrelevant to age as well...

    Measure your height.. Which we already know is 5'
    Convert that into inches... Equals 60"
    Divide 60 inches in half you get 30" inches...
    Now get a tape measure, and your waist line should NOT ever be grater than 30" Regardless of your age and weight... Keep always your midsection at the least Half the size of your height... And you'll always be healthy and prevent many illnesses.

    So if you're 30 or less inches from waist (according to your height) then the 140 doesn't 'really' matter... If it's over 30, then regardless of what anyone tells you or how you feel you look, it's smart to lose some weight for your own health...

    This is just advice... If you don't agree now, maybe in the future you will. 💁

    • My waist is a 26" so I think I'm fine but I think if a licensed physician tells me I'm healthy I'd rather than this. I also do have a wide frame so that might be apart of it. Most women I see around here are "small" say my height and 90-110 lbs and I believe that any lower than that it'd be quite unhealthy. Anyways I'm a relatively strict paleo with 5-6 small meals a day so I don't think I apply or a lot of the people around here (they pride themselves on extreme healthy eating) apply either. Thanks for the advice?

    • 90? That's awful... Just as bad as being too big...
      98-125 is ideal to avoid being overweight for your height... But anywayyyy if you truly do have a waist lower than 30", then you're fine... But there are plenty!! Of girls who have thick legs and slim waists, you probably just live in a neighborhood where most girls don't find being thicker is ideal.. But 90 is questionable... Eating disorder type of thing... Also race could also be a reason.. Latin and blacks tend to be thicker than whites and so on... So the type of neighborhood you live in could also be the reason why most girls are smaller...

      Regardless, small waist = good health for the most part.

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  • If they doctor says you are a healthy weight then that is good. Are you involved in a sport that needs leg training? - Of course if you are happy with your shape then great but I am sure there a lots of other girls like you - If you want to change your body shape (and don't need it for sport) it maybe just getting advice on changing your training routine that said there are just people who develop that way, my legs always produced quicker results than my upper body.

    • I hope there are other girls, I feel like an alien haha. But I used to be an avid soccer player until I tore my achilles tendon so I'm restricted to strength training but yeah maybe I'll change up the routine, thanks!

  • fat or thick? people on the internet seem to confuse the 2

  • Can we get a picture so we can judge your thickness?

    • I'd rather no post a picture but they're 23" around at the largest part if that helps :)

  • Thick and fat have difference OP

  • pics


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