Do I look shit and age guess please?

And do i have to shave center of my eyebrows?
Do I look shit and age guess please?

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  • Clean up more, clean shave, a different hair style (see a stylist) and yes trim the eye brows down and the uni brow most people shave theirs. I shave mine once or twice a year. But you should either go to a beauty salon like where they do nails and ask if they do eyebrows if you're afraid of it yourself (disaster!) Should be like 25 for the cut and 20 for the Asian woman to work magic on them caterpillars.

    New hair
    Clean shave
    *make you look 5 years tounger*
    Caterpillars removed to turn into a butterfly!

    Then, permission to drop panties.


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  • No, you look ok, but from your picture, it looks like your hair is thinning, are you balding? do you think so?

    If you are balding, or if your hair is thinning then you can probably go bald, that will actually suit your face.

  • You look fine - Be warned when you ask how old you are - Your age is prominently displayed beside your profile name ( I think you look younger 27/28)- Your eyebrows personal choice, you can leave them, shave them, pluck them or do whatever hair removal you want, I personally shave that area.