I'm going to my boyfriends house today and we'll be hanging with his nerdy friends for a while.
I just wanna make sure I look OK. It took me forever to do my eyeliner perfectly. (Whats funny is I have a Batman shirt on under my Superman hoody)

Do I look Okay???

Also, I WOULD love to tame my frizzy hair but if I do anything to it, it'll get hard, greasy or lose it's curls. Or all 3.


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  • 😍😭🔥😱🔥😘💗🔥😱😭😘🔥😱🔥😘😍😱😭😘🔥😱🔥😱😭😱👍👍😱👍💜😱😊😱😍😱😍😱🔥😱💗🔥😩😍😩😱😍😍😘😍💗🔥😍😱😍🔥🔥



    (The dork is here lol)


    Im sorry...


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  • Personally, I think you could have gone a little lighter and more natural on your makeup. The eyeliner seems to be a bit much. Other than that, I think you look fine. :)


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