Would we be better off without?

... the How do I look category? Why, or why not?


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  • Yes we definitely would. A lot of these people reposts the questions dozens of times. They need a therapist not the internet O_O
    Its annoying.

    • But we are the therapists, the counsellors, the advisors of life

    • Not really

    • I was being facetious, but sometimes, and I count myself guilty on this as well, we can express ourselves as experts due to similar life experiences, or sometimes more life experience... and then feel we have a right to instruct others on how to live... sorry, that was deep

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  • I would definitely like to see a few tweaks but not ban in.
    (1) Only one question per day per person maybe even 3 per week.
    (2) No third party questions
    (3) In addition to No Nudity, only pics in clothes you would wear outdoors and an acknowledgement that certain camera angles will be frowned upon ( the yoga close up of a butt or the bulge in the boxers)
    (4) While it is a magnet for Attention Whores there are insecure people who need affirmation and those who want a pat in the back for losing weight or their post baby body.
    (5) A rant against trolls in general if you are not going to say something positive or constructively criticise then don't say it all. A anon truth bomb of "Your are fugly" isn't particularly helpful.
    (6) For those who go crazy against the HDIL section, there is this amazing new feature on GaG called the "BLOCK" where you can block questions you don't want to see.


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  • All it is is a spam and troll magnet. It's used by the website to exploit insecure women and girls for freaking hits which is unethical if nothing else.

    • Yeah, but it's individuals who advertise themselves, isn't it?

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    • It's sad, hey... but like a moth to a flame, I am still drawn to it...

    • Thats kind of gross bro

  • In all honesty, yes I do. It's mostly loser trolls and catfishes that use it anyways. It's a waste of space on here.

    • I was thinking about that when I noticed someone posted a couple of pics, 'how do I look with my breasts taking up most of the shot?' and then someone called her out and she went inactive immediately...

  • Yes, im tired of seeing the same handful of people constantly spamming it!!


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  • I quite like it. It's provides some good laughs when girls either claim the photo isn't them when it clearly is or claim the photos of a model they put up is them

    • Yeah, it happens so much now

    • I also like the way fat girls all think they are skinny and sexy but the girls with perfect bodies and beautiful faces play on the "I feel ugly and unattractive" card to get compliments