How do I make my hair air dry quicker? It take around 2 full days to be fully dry/Getting in the way?

I'm a guy (17) with about shoulder length hair, but it's layered since it's the first time I've tried growing it out and I'm still going strong haha.
Anyways, I can never wash my hair on a school day because then I'd be in my super tight pony tail all day so it didn't frizz out so I have to wait until like a Friday so I have the weekend to dry, but then I can't do any sports since then I'll have to take another shower. SO IT'S BAD haha.
To Start, I have like 2C or 3A type hair, but pretty damn dry.
My routine is to comb hair sort of straight then put in some hair masque and then wait for like 5 minutes and rinse, and then get out. I then put in some oil my sister gave me... some cocunut oil, and then some leave in cream, and then I brush and I put it in a pony tail. If I don't put it in a pony tail, it'll explode, so that's kinda essential. And I leave it, sometimes taking it out of the pony tail for like an hour.
It's really getting in the way of my life actually, so please does anyone have advice?


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  • Okay, so I heard this tip a while ago and some of my friends with curly hair have tried this and swear by it. It's called the "Hair Plopp".

    All you need is a cotton t-shirt and you can use whatever products you already currently use for your hair. You just wash your hair out, put in the products you like to use, and then plopp your hair on the t-shirt, and wrap it up on your head.

    Here's a video on the method that shows how to do this:

    This method might help tame some of the frizz! Also, try using a protein mask or a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. If you have really dry hair, it might help to do a protein mask on occasion. Also, limiting washing your hair is also a good thing. But if you feel you need to wash your hair more often, then maybe this method might help with some of the frizziness.

    Hopefully this helps!!

    • Do you think this will cut down my time to dry enough? The main problem is that even if it semi-dry, a little time out of that ponytail and it'll frizz the fuck up haha.
      I'll try this definitely, but I'm also afraid that my hair will be too curly, since the tight pony tail does cause some "straightening" I guess

  • If you wanted to wash your hair without getting it wet you can always buy a dry shampoo spray


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