Girls, I am really ashamed and embarrassed. How do you think?

How do you ladies think of a guy having lot of hair on body parts that generally are smooth on other people? Like I have hairy butt cheeks, upper back/neck and shoulders/upper arms , in addition to the very hairy chest and all such parts.
Do you girl find it funny, weird and joke among yourself about this guy?
You feel back, sack and crack waxing is good idea along with waxing of shoulders and chest?

You joke about men?


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  • You shouldn't feel ashamed it's how you are
    But do what thinks is best for you...
    Some girls do like hairy guys go find these types of girls! 😉✌🏼️

    • Girls ever Pike fun and joke about such guys among themselves?

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  • *Sigh* i think you should stop mr. Anonymous. i mean it, there are girls who love hairy guys and some who don't. it doesn't matter. if your still insecure just take a poll and see for yourself

    • See one anonymous under 18 girl said she and her friends make fun of hairy men

    • that's just one, and she's under 18. ask someone whose over 18 and have a more sense of maturity that is who you should be seeking out.
      you wouldn't date someone 14 years old when you're 24 yourself (example)

  • I don't mind but if it bothers you I'll support you no matter what decision you make

    • Haven't you ever likes fun among your female group?

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    • no we had more respect for others than that

    • Pity? Maybe you had pity for such men?

  • Yeah if a guy has hair in those parts, it usually becomes a joke among girls.

    • What sort of jokes do you make, mind sharing?
      Lot of hair on chest arms is fine?

    • Hair on arms is okay usually. Hair on chest is not okay.

      We make jokes like, "Oh haha he looks like a gorilla!" Or "He's never gonna get a girlfriend. If he does, she'll probably choke on a hairball." Stuff like that.

    • Nice comments. Hahaha

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