Does the head become bigger when u get famous lol?

I have noticed quite a few famous people seem to have bigger heads now than before

A. Francisco LachowskiDoes the head become bigger when u get famous lol?

B. Siddharth Malhotra

C. Zyzz

(guy at the left)

And tons of other examples

  • You might be getting on to something we never noticed before
  • Its just the people they are around
  • It increases marginally even after puberty
  • Its the hair, brah
  • What a dumb boy to ask this question
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A girl i know met harry styles and she said even he seemed to have a bigger head but he was tiny during his Xfactor days lol
and lol, even hrithik roshan, i saw his pic with the second guy and he actually had a bigger head than him, with that same hairstyle he used to be skullmogged by tiny actresses during his early days


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  • Dude I'm worried about you. Your obsession is turning into delusion. Being famous can't literally make your head bigger. How would that even work? A basic knowledge of science and common sense says that's impossible. No one says skullmogged. Seriously you need to quit with this shit.

    • The day I can amog (alpha male of group) Siddharth malhotra I'll stop obsessing over him and leave all this. I am only a couple or inches shorter and have a decent frame too so its all about the looks and filling up my frame. 2 years of gym and some plastic surgeries later this obsession will be over

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    • I wasted a whole Saturday and I think on the same lines now. I do want to be as good looking as Siddharth but I also want to bank account mog, IQ mog and personality mog him. I can safely say I am at least a 5/10 in looks but a -1 in personality

    • I'm glad your thinking more rationally. Start with working on you as a person.

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  • What? I am not really sure that can happen.


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  • Fransisco 😍

    • siddharth malhotra>>>>>>>>>>chico though, at least to me, i am repulsed by bitchboys,
      i am straight by the way

    • In the first pic yeah but the second he just looks too old

  • It's the hair brah lawl


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  • It's probably a mixture of things like weight, lighting, and nearby people.

    • maybe its just me, but i think the second guy actually grew out his forehead, i'm also thinking of getting that done to make my head looks bigger

  • Nobody really worries about things like that

    • My head size isn't small by the way, i checked at the gym today, i am normal, neither big nor small

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