Is it possible to get idea about how good looking we are by attractiveness of the girl/guy that we are attracted to?


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  • I think it's possible. Many people naturally seem to go for a partner who is near their own attractiveness level. We feel like we have the greatest chance and the greatest look when with a partner of a similar level. Some still go for top notch but not many.


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  • They've done studies about this, and most people tend to match themselves with someone who gave themselves the same rating... that wording...

    Read "Research"

    • Hmm... I just read through it myself, and I realize that in the studies there were actually judges to determine attractiveness. Then in a dating/dance environment the people were matched and those with closer attract ratings were more satisfied.

      I would LIKE to see a study about people rating THEMSELVES and then choosing someone else without knowing that person's rating.

    • @UnknownXYZ how easy is it to start a study at a uni if you're not a science major.

  • No I don't think that logic stands.

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