Did I look better when I was younger?

I covered up my nose because I hate my nose... Its ugly
I'm ugly too lol


The picture on the bottom is when I was 12 or just turned 13

The picture on the top I took a month ago
And I'm 16

  • You look better now
  • You looked better when you were younger
  • You look the same
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  • I think now


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  • We don't see the world the way IT is... we see the world the way WE are.

    If you hate your nose then everything you do and say is going to communicate that to everyone you interact with.. and in return you're going to convince them to hate your nose as well.

    And if you love your nose, especially if it looks different, then you're also going to communicate that through your energy, your body language, and your regular language, and it'll infect everyone else with that same attitude.

    Life is perception... learn to make your OWN perception of reality. CHOOSE to love yourself and everyone will follow. Choose to think you're ugly and everyone else will follow.

    Don't ever call yourself ugly, because you're not and it implies that you're insecure, which you should never choose to be. Instead choose to be awesome. :D

    ~ Robby

    • Thank you 😊
      And I've been insecure/shy all my life I don't know if I can help that I learn to live with it
      Well I try to live with it

    • You probably don't realize this but you CHOOSE to be insecure. Not because of how you feel, because feelings aren't really a choice. But how you choose to think about yourself, and how you choose to think about others.

      People who are confident aren't born that way. They learn it from others, and then they practice it in their lives. Some people practice confidence by copying the successful role models they have, and some do it through persistent hard focused effort.

      In any case you can do the same, if you choose to.

      The fastest way to confidence is by reading about it. Google and the bookstore will be your guide if there's no mentors in your life.

      Through trauma and injury we learn suffering and pain... but it's how we INTERPRET that pain that dictates whether we grow and become stronger, or we cower and become fearful.

      Fear is only useful when it motivates us to take action, not when it imprisons us through inaction.

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  • You look the same for the most part with a different hairstyle now.

    • Yeah
      Some people say the only difference is my height nd hair

What Guys Said 6

  • I agree with @bobair
    If you want to get better confidence, just follow the good old "fake it till you make it"-technique. Trust me, it works, you just have to lie to yourself until you believe it. For example, if you look at yourself in the mirror, say and think that you look awesome, and whenever a bad thought about yourself comes up in your head, just think, or even better, say out loud that "That's bullshit". Same thing goes with acts of confidence. Act like you are a confident guy, sooner or later you will find yourself being one. Just make sure not to confuse confidence with cockiness or arrogance.
    It takes a while and may seem ridiculous at first but truth is it actually works.

    I really recommend checking out alpha m's youtube channel, for example this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KD2pakQFsMw

    For the record you look better in the picture you are older in, and based of those photos you can already see that you probably will look better and better the older you become.

    • Ill check it out and thank you I hope I do actually start looking different as I get older in the face
      And not just the body

  • I think you look better now

  • you look way thinner now.

  • I think you look better now too, I mean you just look like a kid in the bottom one haha. Also I dunno if it's like this for everyone but my face looked different from 16 to 21 too. It's kinda been the same since 21 though.

    • Thanks ,
      Do you think my face changed? Some people say its the same and the only difference is I got taller

    • Not way different but your face looked more round before, now it looks more defined... I think having your hair pulled back is better too.

    • https://imgur.com/grvwCpz
      This is what i look like now

      when i was younger i think my head was just round

  • Here waz my first thought, I thought u were girl at first, but when looked closeer, i saw it waz a male, Im sooooooo sooorrry 4 mistaken you, And u look much better nown.

  • u look like a black version of this chick i saw here lol

    • People have mistaken me for a girl since I was about 11
      They still do and I have facial hair

    • Well sideburns

    • How old are you? And I just saw the account I was talking about

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