Whats your t shirt size and is it a good indicator of frame?

Mine is L, L fits just right and M fits like a swimsuit lol, would it be safe to assume then I have a good frame? I am on the skinny side if anything as of now.

  • It means you have a good frame
  • T shirt size doesn't mean shit
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@Polocrew, @ConsultantIsBack, @Decentguy, does it actually even increase with time, lifting and all?


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  • nah, wrist size and exact elbow width will tell you your frame size better than a t shirt size

    • Wrist size is small, only 6.5" but both polocrew and consultant have small wrists and are still well framed, lemme look up elbow width

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    • Vernier callipers, don't have it but I am 100% sure range would be 8-12 cm with that

    • And what about him?
      His wrists are pretty small, his ribcage doesn't protrude outwards and his arms seem normal but he still looks well framed
      encrypted-tbn2(dot) gstatic (dot) com/images? q=tbn:ANd9GcSn36qNO8sNWWHauWgthmSvAuBNdlRv2UF0V1_9SHF0CdDnDWtz

      (Replace dot with.)

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  • Nope.
    It also depends on the cut of the shirt.
    L tells you about your size.
    Fit tells you about the shape.
    Gotta get that taper bruh.

    • What does that mean? I bought a few regular polos from the internet size L

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    • lol, trap lord?

    • My chest is 39", weight is 170 lbs at 5'11, 33" waist, shoulders are 20.3" apart, checked with a sliding door 😅😅😅

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  • I wear Larges and they fit really snug. I used to wear Medium. So yes, it can increase with lifting. I used to were 16" neck dress shirts, then 16.5" and now 17"

    • My neck is 15.5" when I measured with tape

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    • I have pretty small wrists. So does every tall, naturally skinny/ectomorph guy. We have long limbs and with larger arms from shoulders down to forearms, those pretty small wrists become hardly noticeable, but yeah myself and many of my fit friends, we have relatively small wrists if you notice. But lots of tall guys have big hands too (like a basketball player body type), so the wrists just become very hard to notice.

    • I am not tall but yeah, I have large arms

  • I think large is probably the average size for most men

    • Without being fat/ built?

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    • Yeah you would have to be super skinny to wear small, slim to wear medium in Irish sizes anything bigger than a small body frame requires a large or above

    • I bought a medium t shirt from Spain once, it feels like a swimsuit lol

  • I pull out L polos from racks when in store just to show em it's too tight on me just to get em mad lmao

    Other than that, it doesn't mean shit as long as it's tight brah. Gotta be tight from up and loose from bottom

    • L polos fits me right, its normal from the chest but a little tight on the shoulders and yeah exactly like that, my shoulders feel tight even with L, chest is only 39" lol coz I don't lift and loose AF from the waist

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  • euro sizing is..


  • Small or medium depending on stlye.

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