Can you be an ectomorph and yet decent framed?

My wrists are shit tier 6.5" which they say implies frame size. But my clavicle width is pretty damn good but I look like this bony guy wide shoulders lol. How do I fix it?
I think @ConsultantIsBack is also similar, how did u gain and what is your wrist size and shoulder width?

  • Yeah can happen
  • No, ur a tiny man 4ever broski lol
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  • Hey brother. So I am naturally as skinny as they come, no joke. I'm 6'2" and a complete ectomorph. When I tried out for football when I was 16 or 17 I forget, I was about 6' at the time and weighed like 145 and one of the assistant coaches laughed at me when they weighed me.

    If you lift HEAVY and eat like a fucking horse (seriously 3,500- 4,000 clean wholesome calories a day with a SHITLOAD Of carbs), you can gain weight. It's possible, feel free to PM ask any questions, glad to help however I can.

    • What's ur wrist size and shoulder width if I can get an idea?

    • Ah man I'd have to get back to you on that. But, my wrists are pretty small, i have long ass monkey arms and used to be really skinny arms. My wrists have grown a small amount from working forearms throughout my lower arms.

      Shoulder width I'd have to get back to you on as well, however, I have 47" chest ( like armpit-to-armpit, and circumference of my chest while flexing). So I do have broad shoulders, just from working out.

    • I have heard u can grow wrists but not more than like 5% if ur lucky and do measure and let me know lol since I think I have a similar natural body type as you. For shoulders measure from left delt to right delt

  • Probably best idea is go to a gym and talk to trainers about best approach if anything can be done.

    • I have understood how it is, my head size is average and my body is in proportion and all but I still have the bony look overall, my shoulders are about the same width as natural endomorphs but without any mass but thats ideal to me actually. Even Brad Pitt is like that, he is ectomorphic but still looks decent sized and well proportioned, I need to tone up and gain though to look like him

  • Ugh, I have small wrists and narrow clavicles 😣

    • Nah, my clavicle width is as big as a legit endomorph guy I know and even my head size is but I just look like a bony version of him if u get what I mean

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    • @consultantisback

    • What's ur wrist size and shoulder width anyway?