Is this guy actually big naturally or just well proportioned?

Here is him on his own and with small framed Indians
Is this guy actually big naturally or just well proportioned?

And here is him with average caucasians and Indian guys who are big

I think I am also kinda similar, average head size, rib cage, small wrists and wide clavicles, how can I get my body to look like his?

  • He is a big guy
  • It's his proportions which give the impression
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And I am not talking about height here he is 6' tall as he himself has claimed, I am talking about body size
And I can confirm in the 4th pic, the guy in the black coat is about 184 cm with wide clavicles but generally ectomorphic build seen pics of him with a good friend of mine


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  • Oh come on , even on his own he looks slim at best.
    Not even close to "big guy" status.
    Now this.
    Mike Mentzer is a big guy.

    • Clavicles are as wide as the guy in ur pic, but his wrists and ribcage are both noticeably bigger

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    • Lol Azgeda, my thoughts exactly.

    • He's conventionally more handsome than Chris pine, it's been proven on sluthate before and he is half a point under Henry cavill I did my vote here and girls say so

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  • I would say well proportioned

  • Nothing big about that guy - "sidharth malhotra ".
    It's only north indians/ bollywood that would consider this guy "big" or good looking or whatever.

    • He is not huge but he is damn good looking, he was rated at the same level as Henry cavill here when I conducted a poll here before so stfu

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    • Actually ur nose is good, sorry for that one
      But everything else holds

    • And on tinder I got 15 matches in an hour in poland and a guy on sluthate used Siddharth in a tinder experiment and Sid had 150 matches in the same country in that hour, more than most male models get so gtfo

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