Can't comment on girls looks, why?

So how to start?
If I mention about girls to a friend of mine, he allways asks me if they are good looking. I allways try to avoid answering such questions. Some day I told him that I got a crush on a girl, he asks me if she's sexy and if I like how she looks, but I immediatly changed topic. I have a feeling as if I'm not allowed to judge. Even if a girl asks me if I like her looks I can't answer, nor can I make a compliment about her looks. Somethings blocking me to say it.
The other day he mentioned, that some day I'll find a pretty girl that likes me. But it doesn't matter for me if she's pretty or not, I just want a girl that loves me regarding how she looks.

What's wrong with me?

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  • It does feel kind of awkward discussing a girls looks
    If you're critical it could hurt their feelings, but if you compliment it feels awkward, and people may think there's more to the compliment than just thinking they look good