Is the 'how do I look' section reliable?

Is it reliable to judge the way you look or are people nicer or meaner/harsher on there? Because i would like to use it if it is useful lol!!

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  • No, not reliable
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  • no it isn't, they judge you on your picture not YOU. you can take nice photos or bad photos, neither accurately represent a full 3 dimensional human being


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  • People on here have less of a reason to lie about it than people do in real life. Which makes it pretty fucking unbiased.

    As long as you have 20+ people voting I'd say it's pretty accurate.


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  • 1) People's tastes are subjective
    2) People feel sorry for ugly people.
    3) People are jealous of hot people.

  • i dont trust girl opinion here. They see an ugly person and they only care about making her or him feel better without being honest.

    • when i did my 'how do i look'
      i had like a third of girls say i was very handsome
      a third say above average
      and a third say average
      and a few say less attractive
      How would you interpret this data? Thank You

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    • Thanks!! Do you think the opinions were honest or a bit dishonest? Or not sure?

    • and lastly, what do you think is above average about me? If you dont mind saying as i didn't get any good opinions :)

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