I don't like my smiling, do you?

sorry for the poses in the bath. i choosen there because of the best lighting is there.

I don't like my smiling, do you?

AND this is standard of me:

  • no you're wrong, i like your smile.
  • yes you are right, i dislike your smiling.
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  • Yes, keep the smile on ur face buddy! 😌 And by the way, there's something in ur face that makes u look so similar to Kutsi, who's a singer and actor, he's Turkish ( he acts in the series of Huzur sokağı 😍 )

    • ahaha you're the first person that tells me this :D thanks tho :) i dont watch tv series tho :D

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    • Hahahaha coz u really do look like Kutsi!! I was watching the series the other day, and then I opened images of him on google, I was like oh my god, they look so alike! 😱

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  • Come on man, you ask too many questions about your look. Still not enough opinions?

    • ahahaha you noticed me :D
      I really get bored too much sometimes and i ask questions here :D

  • I don't like mine either but to other people it's fine just like yours seems normal