Why are so many people begging to be everyone's type?

Look maybe you are a 5'8 man begging for girls to come to their senses and say who cares you aren't six feet tall. Maybe you are a poor man trying to convince girls don't look at monetary things when pursuing romance. Or even a girl trying so damn hard to get men to tell you you are skinny regardless if you are or aren't. Most men wouldn't dare tell you the truth if you really were fat or overweight or whatever why even ask? If he or she (the other two scenerios or non hetero) will be shamed or have negative confrontations because they were honest with you keep it to yourself. Men and women look if you can't run, deal with your bodyweight (pushing yourself off the floor, climbing flights of stairs or doing a pull up) you may be normal and average but that doesn't mean you are healthy come on folks, this shouldn't be a surprise. Ask yourself this would the hunter gatherers of the past look like you (general body strength)? if not you are out of shape. Now it's not all over you can either A. change and not worry about it or B. not change and not worry about it and surround yourselves with people who will accept you. NOT EVERYONE WILL. No matter how in shape you are, wealthy you are, or attractive you are there will ALWAYS be people who don't agree. Deal with this and move on trying to convince people makes you seem desperate and out of touch with reality. thanks. Too bad this won't stop people anyways... by the way men and women who may be afraid to voice true opinions that may go against what people want to hear just post anon.

  • Insecurity
  • Desperation
  • Unrealistic self worth
  • People lying to them their whole lives
  • Other, explain.
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  • Speaking from personal experience, as a 5'2'' guy, I don't care to be everyone's type, but I'd like to have a shot with more than 1 out of a 100 girls I talk to...


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  • Insecurity


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  • never met a single person who would say matt bomer is not attractive so universally attractive exists

    • just because you haven't met someone who hasn't doesn't mean that there isn't someone who thinks he isn't attractive

    • yeah one girl said matt bomer wasn't her type because he was too perfect lol i dont think that counts

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