How do I improve my personality to be more manly?

Its not the alpha beta thing, people who know me would know i talk like a woman and have insecurities at pre teen girl level. Past 2 years of all this has made me dumb, I was always unfit and still am, and i don't bother with the real world at all now, i even talk like i have aspergers in real life (tourettes, stuttering a bit, not able to process my thoughts easily, not like a lot but the signs are definitely showing). It wasn't like this when i was 15. I never cared about things like physical appearance and all. At that point I started to notice everyone started getting away from me and was told directly that no one likes me because i am an ugly guy.

Anyway, now i am looksmaxing to change this. Getting ripped and taking care of skin and eyes from tomorrow. How do I improve my personality as well?

  • You can't, ur stuck with it now
  • You can with effort
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  • Just have a no worries, problem solving mentality
    -girl A is being weird, doesn't respond no worries bc you'll just move on and go out with girl B this weekend
    -flat tire? Np bc u know how to fix it
    -don't like how skinny your arms are, no worries bc you'll make goals and achieve it
    -don't like how someone at work disrespects you, you price to them your value

    Just constantly attack your goals and problems in life.

    • i am copying this, motivating as fuck man, i am following you for the 3rd time with my 5th account

    • Appreciate it brother. Ya people gotta realize their destiny is in their control, many variables in life are up to us, so don't let things come to chance and determine outcomes yourself

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  • I'm sort of the same. I keep my thoughts to myself and keep my problems to myself. Don't really socialize, but talk when told to. I have grown out of it, but get stage fright sometimes. But the physical thing is a no problem. I have worked on myself for a long time.

  • - Don't give free fucks to every damn thing.
    - Do what makes you happy.
    - Stop being a pussy in everything.
    - Be competitive
    - Try to be better at everything than everyone.. Ofcourse you won't be.. But you should try.

  • Stop bein a bish. Easy.

  • Take risks (think about that)

    • if i snap your pencil neck, will i be sent to jail? that should be a risk, right>

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    • yeah man, ur good looking but its not looks that count
      my personality, education and confidence will get me girls

      In a parallel universe XD

    • dude I know it's not about looks but I am what I am and by the way you see, from your comment, we can sense that you have a great attitude, in this case a sense of humour wich is indeed attractive to females