Why do guys on instagram have such great skin without makeup?

i've been on instagram for a while and i've noticed that hot guys on insta got really beautiful and flawless skin. And in real life, the other day, i was on the street and noticed that an another insta's hot dude also got really nice skin. what are their secret?


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  • Because we're awesome 🙂

  • No secrets. The difference is Guy's never wear makeup. Ever. In fact we put the bare minimum of products on our face. Girls F up the natural state of the skin on thief face because they panic over a couple bumps and start throwing chemicals all over it to make them go away. Which works at first but then their face reacts to whatever they through on it and it creates a vicious cycle of products. Them girls start covering it up with makeup and it makes it even worse. You want clear skin. Stop with the makeup and facial cleaners and blah blah blah and just let the skin on your face chill for a while. Your gonna have pimples and stuff and everyone will see them but if you wash your face with a gentle soap and water and only ever use that eventually your face will go back to the way it's suppose to be. I tell girls this all the time and none of them try it, they think guys have some magic trick but we don't. We just don't buy into the lie of beauty and skin care products. Take care of your body. Drink water eat healthy and sleep well. Wash your face and body with gentle soaps and maybe use lotions and everything would be fine.


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