Slow-Ass Responders, how to deal?


I can take anywhere between a few hours to a few days when it comes to responding to peoples messages. I've always seen It as if you send me a text message a response isn't urgent, If you need a quick response call me. I don't purposely not respond to messages I just respond to them in my head and then forget that I never actually sent it... or even wrote it into my phone.

What's funny to me is that I am such a hypocrite when it comes to someone taking to long to respond to me I absolutely hate it and it really upsets me. It feels as though I am being ignored and there is nothing worse then being ignored especially by people you care about! I am definitely out of line for getting upset over others doing it to me when Im so guilty of doing it to others.

How do you deal with slow-ass responders?
Are you a slow replier?
Are you a hypocrite like me?


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  • I am the opposite. I want fast responses. I give fast responses also, so I expect the same. If I am not important than why do I have your phone number or friends with you on twitter/facebook etc. If I am worth ignoring than why are we friends. Unless you are actually sincerely busy, like at work or sleeping or something like that.


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  • I am the same way. I am a fast/slow responder when it comes to the person I am texting. If it is someone I really like, then I respond instantly if I can. If it is someone I don't really like, I take hours, even days to respond hoping they would get the hint. I agree, if it's urgent, I rather get a call, but we live in a world where texting is just more convenient.

  • DO SOMETHING else to keep your mind off these people. Read, go outside, shop etc!

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