How is this guys?

After a lot of sweating i finally can open my shirt anytime anywhere
Suggest please if i need ang improvement.How is this guys...?


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  • Well of course if that WAS really your body, which just happens to be all over the net, then you would probably have the majority of women chasing after you.

    • Its natural to not to believe but unfortunately i am the one
      And thank you for the compliment

    • Just keep on kidding yourself if you must.

      It's a sure way of never being believed or trusted.

    • So where has he disappeared to?

  • Lol wowww if that's really you, Great work ☺

  • Sexy


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  • Yeah, keep working til you look like me.

  • Are you really 29?

    • Nope i m of 21
      Thats by mistake
      I was registering here just casually and done with that mistake

    • Well assuming this is you (literally no one will believe you because A that's a picture I've seen on mens health website which is why I asked if you're 29 because honestly only a child would think people would fall for this) then you have really fucked up nipples. They aren't even facing the same direction...

    • Hahaha the nipples!!!

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